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No one likes to think about their death, but the reality is that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Especially if you have young dependents or sizable assets, it is imperative to have certain legal documents in place (such as a will and trust) to protect your family and your wealth in the event that something happens to you. Our experienced, highly skilled will & trust lawyers will guide you every step of the way and ensure your wishes are carried out! Creating a will & trust can be legally complex, so our attorneys will explain your options and then work to complete all of the paperwork correctly. Many law firms practice only estate planning, or only estate administration – at Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, we practice both, which means that we will not only draft a solid will & trust strategy for you, but also execute it if necessary.

No matter what your situation is like, if you need help with any aspect of estate planning – wills, trusts, power of attorney, advanced directives, or something else – we’re the only law firm you need. Call Davis Miles McGuire Gardner today to schedule a confidential consultation with our will & trust attorneys and get started leaving a lasting legacy for the ones you love most!

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Client Testimonial

"As a single mother, creating my will was a little hard, however when speaking with Amy from the law firm she made me feel very confident in the process and explained how the law works. Now, that my will is created, I know that my children are safe if anything were to happen to me. No amount of money can give anyone that peace of mind.
Thank you! I love my benefits and appreciate how much time this law firm puts into their clients."
Stephanie H.

"My husband and I found Amy Tilchen to be a great help in the whole process of writing our wills. She is smart, generous with her time, and her legal expertise is greatly appreciated. The auxiliary staff was always friendly.Thank you! I love my benefits and appreciate how much time this law firm puts into their clients."

Friendly, courteous, personable and understanding. Top notch!
Benjamin C.

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