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In Massive Debt? Bankruptcy May Be A Better Option For You Than Debt Consolidation.

Our Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help You Make The Right Choices About Your Debt That Will Lead To Financial Freedom!


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Why Choose Davis Miles McGuire Gardner To Lead You Through Bankruptcy?

Don’t Just Consolidate Debts – Eliminate Them, With Skilled Lawyers On Your Side.

If you’re facing mounting debt that you can’t repay, you’re not alone, and it doesn’t make you a failure. Many families in the U.S. are experiencing the same thing due to the current economic turmoil, and hardships like job loss, medical emergencies, family emergencies, or disappointing business ventures can happen to even the best prepared among us.

So what should you do? You may have heard that you should try debt consolidation first, but the truth is that bankruptcy may offer more benefits. Debt consolidation is a way of combining all or many of your debts into one loan, with the goal of reducing your interest payments, but you may have to have a good credit score to even qualify for this option, and it is a lengthy process that still requires you to pay back what you owe. Bankruptcy, on the other hand, is a way of either reorganizing debts or eliminating them completely if you are in a desperate financial situation. It gives you immediate relief from your collectors, can prevent your possessions (like your home or car) from being taken away from you, and helps you start re-establishing credit worthiness right away.

To find out which option may be best for your specific circumstances, call Davis Miles McGuire Gardner today! Our lawyers can take the time to listen to your story and advise you of whether or not bankruptcy is right for you. We can ensure no mistakes are made and guide you towards a debt-free fresh start! We have over 50 years of experience on our legal team, not only in bankruptcy law, but also in foreclosure defense, estate planning, tax law, and other practice areas that can give our clients an advantage – we are, perhaps, the only law firm you’ll ever need. Call today to request a consultation and learn what our bankruptcy lawyers can do for you!

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Client Testimonial

"Mr. Gardner was instrumental in helping me through my Bankruptcy and turned what could have been a horrible experience into a pleasant one. I didn’t want to file bankruptcy, but was pushed into a corner by creditors who refused to work with me. His paralegal Kristin was also extremely helpful to me. I was 100% satisfied with Mr. Gardner and Kristin’s professionalism and was very happy to have them on my side. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of assistance in this regard."

"I have such gratitude for Attorney Preston Gardner and Kristin Lienhard, his paralegal, who with the administrative support of Kaitlyn Ochs and a full team gave me hope that my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would indeed be a fresh start. Mine was a long process by choice with some legal quirks, which they took in charge of right away. My greatest thanks is for the human kindness shown without judgement and their great ethical and professional knowledge of the process. With heartfelt Thanks!"

"I was extremely pleased with my lawyer Preston Gardner and how professional and educated he was with everything!! The process was quick and painless. I was extremely happy with all the hard work everyone involved put in for me. I will recommend him and the firm Davis Miles to everyone I know."

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